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Fourdinois Henri Auguste

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Maison Fourdinois

The Fourdinois company, since its beginning in 1828 with Alexandre-Georges, has occupied the French and European decorative and industrial arts front row thanks to the International Exhibitions. If the company shut its doors in 1887, after many important crises in the luxury furniture market, the name Fourdinois stays in the memories as the example of the Second Empire taste, synonym of luxury and refinement.

Jewelry cabinet

True masterpiece of the 1878 International Exhibition, the jewelry cabinet showed by Fourdinois was created in collaboration between the Second Empire furniture genius,  Henri-Auguste Fourdinois, the designer, Gustave-Joseph Chéret, the sculptor, Alfred-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse, and the enameller, Alfred Thompson Gobert.

Fourdinois Neo-Renaissance furniture

Neo-Renaissance style table

Sculpted with virtuosity in the Neo-Renaissance style, this exceptional table shows a great mastery of composition and ornamental vocabulary, demonstrating Henri-Auguste Fourdinois’s knowledge of the works from the past, which he knows how to renew into creations of a dazzling stylistic syncretism and an extraordinary quality of execution.

Louis XVI style Bureau plat

Fruit of a superb work of marquetry and wood veneer (walnut, cherry, blackened pear, sycamore), this Bureau plat is adorned on all sides of gilt bronze, rosettes of Louis XVI style, foliage and friezes of flowers.

FOURDINOIS Bureau plat
Sculpture allégorique

Sculptures of a Greek goddess or an allegory

Inspired by the Ancient iconography, these sculptures depict a Greek goddess or an allegory, for the first one as a clock decoration, while the second one is standing by herself. They show Henri Fourdinois’s know-how and knowledge, displaying a Neo-Greek inspiration typical of his production.

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